Manufacturing Footprint – Take advantage of your company’s internationalization

In our globalized world, the demand for efficient cost and competence structures is onmipresent. Challenges include entry by new competitors, pending investment decisions, reduction of manufacturing costs, improved speed of delivery, as well as closeness to customers or lower capital commitment. On the other hand, worldwide sales potential is growing: According to the study "Global Connections Report", world trade will quadruple by 2030 ( Germany will profit strongly from this from 2016 on, says Manager Magazin.

We have seen over and over that companies do not fully exploit their growth potential. Experience shows the opportunity from internationalization is frequently braked by the following factors:

- a lack of overview of existing resources and capacities
- differing strategies in sales and engineering
- development of small branches abroad into local "fiefdoms"
- conflict between local responsibility for results and the group's overall result
- strong headquarters-centered thinking, which stifles local initiative and responsibility
- unprofitable fields of business/locations, which are kept alive for too long
- great difficulty in finding and gaining the commitment of competent local managers

We frequently support companies in four typical initial situations:

- reducing manufacturing costs in existing production networks
- implementation of ambitious growth plans
- ensuring that investment decisions are sound
- benchmarking the different production sites

Are you interested? Then ask us for:

• your individual footprint status - the Footprint Canvas
• a rough estimate of potential savings in manufacturing costs - the CPP Simulation
• capabilities of individual sites - the Production Check

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