Healthy Leadership – Government-Prescribed

The demands of the working world continue to grow, as is especially shown by the rising number of sick days from psychological stress. A regulation in the German Occupational Safety and Health Act, in effect since 2013, requires companies to pay more attention to the psychological health of their employees. And so companies are now required by law to show that they not only take care of their employees' physical health, but are also minimizing the psychological stress of the workplace. But that also frequently means initiating far-reaching cultural change processes and adjusting leadership behavior. Ultimately, managers have a major influence on the health, motivation and performance of their employees.

The risk assessment for psychological stress looks at the workplace from four different perspectives:
• work organization
• job contents
• tools and environment of the job and
• social relationships

The Common German Health and Safety Strategy (GDA) recommends that companies get professional consulting to build a health-promoting company culture. We have assisted change processes in industrial companies and banks for 45 years and have repeatedly seen how changed conditions, improved communication structures and regular reflection have positive impacts on employees and managers. And so we have brought on board eminent experts for occupational and organizational psychology. We analyze which factors in your company could have negative influence on employees and point out where you need to take action.

More strongly networked organizations, less reliable hierarchies and the demands of the future leadership generation, Generation Y, require a new evaluation of psychological burdens at the workplace. And so change processes and unlimited working hours present new burdens that have to be dealt with.

How much managers can influence the psychological health of their employees has already been shown in numerous studies. The results prove that health-promoting leadership has long-lasting positive effects on the engagement and psychological health of employees. Good managers distinguish themselves by taking responsibility for the health of their employees and supporting measures to promote their health.
We have developed a Web-based analytical procedure to quickly and reliably determine the psychological stress factors on your employees. The results provide concrete areas for action in communication processes, organization structures and leadership.

Invest a few minutes in our specialized analytical tool; we will show you the results and derive concrete recommendations for you.
We can help you to not only meet government requirements, but, through a healthy and satisfied staff, also secure the competitive capability and future of your company.

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